Past Events

Environmental Awareness @ECP!



Environmental Awareness @ECP!

MeToYou volunteers headed towards East Coast Park for our YO!!! with SADeaf Igniters and their Deaf beneficiaries to play our part for the environment by cleaning up the beach. We started off with some icebreakers to get our MeToYou volunteers to familiarize themselves with the volunteers from SADeaf Igniters. This is followed by the litter picking activity along beach area D. Everyone was hardworking and cleared a lot of litter. Our volunteers also got the chance to put the Singapore sign language (SGSL) they learnt in the previous YO!!! to good use! Overall, it was a meaningful and fun day for everyone as we get to bond with the SADeaf Igniters and their Deaf beneficiaries while contributing to a cleaner environment!

Deaf Immersion Workshop!




Deaf Immersion Workshop

Our YO!!! volunteers spent a very meaningful Saturday morning learning about the Deaf community in Singapore at The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf)! James, the speaker from SADeaf, shared with us on what Deafness is, differing degrees of hearing loss, modes of communication for the Deaf, and the dos and don’ts when interacting with the Deaf. This is followed by an inspiring sharing by a Deaf youth on his Deafhood experience. SADeaf’s youth volunteer group, SADeaf Igniters then led us in an interactive learning session on the Singapore Sign Language (SGSL). What a fun-filled and enriching day! (Photo credits: SADeaf Igniters)

YOuth Care!!!

YOuth Care

July being the Youth Month in Singapore, we couldn’t find any better reason to gather our youth volunteers and have a good day of celebration and bonding! MeToYou Cyber Care invited our youth volunteers to have fun with us at Sentosa for our very own YOuth Care! ^^

During this celebration, three (3) missions were given to the youths to help them ease their initial awkwardness and bond together:

  1. Photo-taking Mission

Youths were informed to find specific items and colours and snap a picture of it

  1. Find-them-Colours

They then proceed to the beach to dig through the sand to find colour paper strips.

The paper strips had instructions for the last mission.

  1. Name-that-Fruit

They are to name the fruit listed on the coloured paper strips without repetition.

It was joyous to see how they communicated and strategized amongst themselves as this clearly symbolized their budding friendships.

During the free and easy time, there was a heartfelt moment when MeToYou observed the youths spontaneously initiating all sorts of games amongst themselves. The youths also decided to spread the joy to the other youth who were not able to attend amidst their academics stress by recording a video sharing some encouragement words and tips over a short video clip.

It was a vibrant and youthful day spent with them and we definitely hope there will be more in future to come!!!

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Holiday Spring Cleaning for a Stay-Alone Senior!

Holiday Spring Cleaning for a Stay-Alone Senior!

MeToYou collaborated with our sister agency Goodlife Makan! to engage our youth volunteers in something that they normally don’t do at home: spring cleaning. Four of our youth volunteers spent a whole afternoon spring cleaning the flat of a stay-alone senior at Marine Terrace. Despite the fact that many of our youth volunteers fell sick during this period resulting to being unable to make it at the last minute, MeToYou was more than happy to have these strong lads who readily helped to thoroughly clean the senior’s living room, kitchen, and even the toilet! Through this event, the four youth volunteers could better understand the difficulties that many stay-alone seniors have to go through to complete their daily chores, let alone clean their entire house. These tasks were even more difficulty and challenging for disabled seniors – such as the kind uncle who opened up his home to us. He gave us an insight on his obstacles and the amount of effort he takes to complete seemingly simple tasks such as picking up something on the floor. We are very grateful for this fruitful learning experience and we hope to help even more stay-alone seniors in the future!

Operation One Punch! + YO!!!



East Coast Park (ECP) Coastal Clean Up!

We introduced our new project titled ‘Operation One Punch’ (OOP), inspired by our youths’ favorite manga (a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels)  ‘One Punch Man’. This project was launched to provide a safe space for our youth to enhance their personal skills as a volunteer as well as to take up more initiative and responsibilities as a volunteer leader. The project involved 6 sessions of training. The end goal was for the youth to organize MeToYou’s next month’s YO!!!.

The 6 session training programme was carefully crafted to best suit our youth learning needs through experiential learning. To fully capture and engage our youths’ attention, we injected the One Punch Man storyline into each of our session’s activity. Every participant adopted a character from One Punch Man they identified with in terms of superheroes ability and characteristics. We then called them ‘Agents’ or ‘Heroes’ of OOP and ourselves as the ‘Heroes Associations’ as depicted in the manga storyline.

The activities were designed to challenge the ‘agents’ teamwork while fostering bonds at the same time. Besides that, through simple activities such as finding the sequence of programme planning, our volunteer leaders got to discuss the foundations of organizing an event and learnt to make decisions as a team. From brainstorming ideas, planning the timeline, financial budgeting, thinking through the wet weather plans, to preparing for the actual day logistics, our youth leaders worked hard and grew tremendously throughout the planning and preparation period.

Our youth leaders from Operation One Punch gathered their forces at Blk 6 and kick started their very own YO!!! – East Coast Park (ECP) Coastal Clean Up!

The youth leaders conducted the briefing session for other youth volunteers and communicated a clear picture of the overall event flow! Despite being their first experience doing this, they were steady in putting across all the necessary information in a clear manner! On occasions where one briefing leader might have missed out on small details, other leaders took the initiative to come in and support them,  displaying their strong teamwork built up from the past 5 sessions!

Subsequently, they led the entire group from Blk 6 towards ECP, taking the initiative to talk and interact with their respective group members! They then split into respective groups and took on different parts of ECP Area D for the clean-up! Because of their relentless effort in leading their respective groups, we were able to completely clean the whole stretch of Area D, a feat that we could not complete a year ago!!! After the event, our youth leaders also debriefed their respective groups with debriefing pointers they came up with themselves!!!

Both Hero Association and fellow agents felt a great sense of achievement! Their biggest takeaways were enhanced communication skills and teamwork amongst members despite the differences in opinion, greater leadership and ownership to take charge as volunteers, and most importantly, their willingness to come back and contribute back to the community! Good job agents! We are looking forward for you to lead our youth volunteers in future!!!

Prawning Escapade with T-net Youths!

Prawning Escapade

This YO!!! marked yet another collaboration with community partner, T-Net Club, in forging the community spirit among youth in the vicinity area. Thanks to the warm invitation, MeToYou youth volunteers were able to enjoy the rare experience of prawning.

Due to the prawning escapade being a competition, MeToYou youth volunteers and T-Net Club teenagers were mixed into different groupings. Each group was required to work together to catch as many color-tagged prawn as possible! We were in awe when we saw them hooking fearlessly the pieces of chicken heart onto the bait, waiting patiently for the catch, and snapping brazenly on to the “prawn pincer”. All these actions clearly depicted their great patience, courage, and teamwork where they helped out teammates who were more fearful of the experience. It was also heartwarming to see how they attempted to devise different strategies to catch the prawn despite their first meet-up!

Of course, their effort didn’t go in vain as all of them managed to catch at least one prawn! There was even a youth who managed to catch 6 prawns, and another who caught the biggest color-tagged prawn!  Throughout the prawning activity, we also learnt some new knowledge about prawning from our youth: prawn can be drowned when it is abruptly lifted out of and put back into water.

The bonding of community spirit continued through the BBQ and prize presentation, where all of the participants were seen comfortable sharing the food and interacting with each other. We hope there will be more of such activity in the future to engage the youth in such meaningful manner!

BBQ Appreciation Dinner 


Volunteers’ Appreciation Day 

To compensate for the postponed BBQ event last December, MeToYou Cyber Care finally held our BBQ appreciation dinner for our youth volunteers, to acknowledge their contribution in the past 1 year! 😀 Although it was a rainy day, MeToYou staff still braced ourselves under the rain and set up our very own canvas shelter at the BBQ pit area! We also “set the fire to the rain” and BBQ pit, and managed to BBQ some of the food for our beloved youth volunteers! 😀

On that day, it was delighting to see some youth volunteers who brought along some card games to play and bond with each other! 🙂 Despite the wet weather, the ignited camaraderie among them still continue to burn and we have faith that it will not be extinguished easily! 😀

Seeing their growth and sensing their great potential in year 2015, MeToYou also took the chance to announce our upcoming project called “Operation One Punch” to continue the volunteering journey with them while bringing them to a new level. We hope that through this event, we will be able to nurture future heroes who will be the change agents in other people’s lives in a meaningful, intriguing way. 😀 Stay tune for our Operation One Punch and more sneak peek from One Punch Zed! 😀

Scam Awareness Day

Scam Awareness Day

Did you know, there was an increase of 508 cases of online purchase scams (+30.5%), from 1,665 cases in 2014 to 2,173 cases in 2015? The total sum cheated was approximately $1.76 million! This is a cause of concern for the police and in efforts to raise awareness of such scams, MeToYou was invited by Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood Police Centre to run a booth exhibition on online purchase scams during Scam Awareness Day at Bukit Panjang Ring Road on 24th January. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, graced the event to launch the Scam Prevention wall mural which depicts various scams that Singaporeans have fallen prey to and the different ways to detect them.

MeToYou’s booth consisted of three exhibits: Online purchase scam info boards, Spot-the-Difference banner, and a roving “Instagram-ing your Instagram” photo booth. Our youth volunteers came together to run the exhibits in groups. They actively engaged members of the public through quizzes and games where attractive prizes can be won. Everyone also enjoyed a drum performance by Republic Polytechnic’s Beats Encore and a skit on scam by Westspring Secondary School’s NPCC.

We are proud that our youth volunteers were able to work effectively in teams and practised positive communication skills: Maintain eye contact, keep smiling, seek clarification, and be polite. They really enjoyed making new friends and reaching out to the public, raising awareness of online purchase scams. Indeed, to see them stepping out of their comfort zone is a heartening sight to witness!

Volunteers’ Appreciation Day


Volunteers’ Appreciation Day @ Exit Plan

With the year coming to an end, MeToYou would like to take this opportunity to show our sincere gratitude to our youth volunteers who contributed their 1 year worth of effort and energy with us in engaging some meaningful community work! 😀 As such, MeToYou decided to put together and held a Volunteers’ Appreciation Day for all of them! 😀 As promised to them, we invited them to join us at Exit Plan, an escape room concept game play where they have to solve various puzzles and riddles to unlock themselves from a room! It was great to see how everyone tried hard in working together to gather the clues and solve multiple locks in sequence! Albeit we didn’t manage to unlock the room at the end, it was still an interesting and memorable experience for all of us! 😀

Meanwhile, MeToYou hopes that we can be the witnesses of their growth in the next year and years to come, with them continuing pouring their heart and soul in engaging in more meaningful and intriguing community work with us! 😀 Let’s look forward to another fulfilling year and let’s brace up ourselves in being part of the change agents to make a better community! 😀 Stay tune! 😀

Manga and Anime Art Workshop

Manga and Anime Art Workshop

MeToYou is happy to announce that we will be working with an artist, Paul, for our upcoming YO!!! 😀 Paul will be teaching participants manga and anime art forms! (ps. There will be a continuation of this workshop, whereby we would invite all participants to transfer their drawings onto a canvas sheet for grafitti artwork!)



In collaboration with GoodLife! once again, this time our September YO!!! aimed to spread love and create good memories for seniors around Marine Parade area in this festive season of Mid-Autumn Festival and Hari Raya Haji! 😀 Although we followed our original plan to make paper lantern as a symbol for Mid-Autumn festival, ribbon ketupat as the icon for Hari Raya Haji proved to be too high a difficulty level even for staffs. However, we were all surprised by the volunteers’ effort and determination in trying and making it during briefing day. Their spirit of wanting to create something to include both races was admirable and laudable! As such, we changed our ribbon ketupat making into fun and non-racial specific origami paper folding, utilizing many of our volunteers’ skill in origami! 😀 On the actual day, our youth volunteers actively engaged the seniors and guided them on the origami making! And it was glad to see them slowly building up their social and communication skill to interact with seniors! 😀 See you next time our dear youth volunteers! 🙂

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School STOP! Cyber Crime

20150826_101045 (Copy)

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School STOP! Cyber Crime

MeToYou is honored to have collaborated with Marine Parade NPC and TKGS National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) for their Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP) in outreaching to TKGS students to raise cyber related crime awareness specifically on online purchasing scams. Prior to the event, MeToYou went to TKGS to provide a briefing for the cadets and did a role play to prepare the cadets for the canteen outreach on following day. The outreach took place in the school canteen during recess time for duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes. The overwhelming responses from TKGS students mark a successful event and MeToYou applause for all of the cadets who had worked hard in engaging and educating their fellow peers about online purchasing scams!

Temasek Secondary School Mental Health Week
IMG_0426 (Copy)

Temasek Secondary School Mental Health Week

MeToYou was at Temasek Secondary School to spread awareness on cyber wellness during the school’s mental health week! The event spread across five days over a span of a week during their recess period. Topic such as balance usage of internet, cyber-bullying and love scam was covered during the canteen outreach. We are glad to receive help from Temasek Secondary School student leaders in outreaching to their peers and engage them in our booth activities. Kudos to them for the great job! =)

ECP Coastal Clean Up

ECP Coastal Clean Up

Finally, we have successfully organized and had our ECP Coastal Clean Up, after 3 months from May’s disappointment! 🙂 On the slightly hazy and sunny day, 16 youth volunteers from different schools came to Blk 6 Marine Terrace to have a simple briefing of the ECP Coastal Clean Up at 9am! After which, all of us crossed the over-head bridge and walked over to ECP Area D, where we donned the gloves and readied the tongs for litter picking! 🙂 Although it was warm, youth volunteers have chanced upon many interesting items like “baby durian”, “mutated worm”, and “hidden dune”! Also, we had some little bonding within groups over lunch and the most important thing is, “we had joy, we had fun, we have seasons in the sun”. ^^ Keep it up the spirit and see you next month youth volunteers! 🙂

Sign for SG50!

Sign for SG50!

Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) organized a record setting signing event at Bishan – Ang Mo Kio park! It held the most number of people (452 participants) signing simultaneously the National Pledge and this was recorded in the Singapore Book of Records! This was an initiative by SADeaf to raise the awareness for the Deaf community, as a platform to act as the voice for the Deaf to bridge and integrate them back to the society! MeToYou gathered our youth volunteers to participate in this simple yet meaningful event! Despite with zero knowledge about the sign language, all of them still mastered the whole National Pledge within 30 minutes with their kind hearts and intentions to be the voice for the Deaf. All of them also raised out their wishes to continue such volunteerism to help and advocate for needy community! It was definitely heart warming for MeToYou to see the seed of kindness and volunteerism slowly takes its shape in the hearts of young generation. 🙂

Spooner Road Family Day!

Spooner Road Family Day

With the aim of empowering low income families to move towards the giving end of give-and-take spectrum, Spooner Road Family Day was held to encourage families to cook and prepare some food for the community. This showed that even though they might be receiving help from others, they could also contribute their parts in giving back to the community. With this, our youth volunteers interacted and took effort in designing some thank-you cards for these families. Additionally, our youth volunteers also helped out during food preparation, knocked door-to-door to inform residents, interacted with them etc. This was an eye opening event for our youth volunteers, who have little experience interacting with low income brackets in the community, and they definitely treasured such opportunity.

Popiah Bagus Event!

Popiah Bagus Event

Due to the rainy weather, the original plan of Litter Picking has to be cancelled and kudos to our sister agency, GoodLife!, we were able to channel our youth energy into the Popiah Bagus Event! 🙂 Our youth volunteers helped the senior residents in popiah wrapping, with the aim to interact, encourage, and integrate them back to such community event which serves as a bridge to greater support system! 🙂

COPS Roll Out (Community Policing System)
IMG_9750 - CopyIMG_1367

Let us raise awareness and stand up against cyber scams!

Join us and Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) as they roll out their new Community Policing System (COPS). There will be various booth exhibitions set up by different community partners!


Inter-generational Cycling with YAH! Seniors





Cyber Wellness Learning Symposium @St. Hilda’s Secondary School


Healthy bonding over sports with our seniors!

Let’s come together to interact and bond with Montfort Care’s Young At Heart (YAH!) seniors as we cycle along Jurong!

Part 1   Cycling with YAH!
Organizers: Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and Young At Heart (YAH!)
Venue: Jurong East Sports Centre (nearest MRT Station: Chinese Garden)
Route: Jurong East Sports Centre > Jurong Lake > Chinese Garden > Jurong East Sports Centre = 5km
Led by: Sport Council Staff
Payment: $10 per head for bike rental

Part 2   Youth Volunteers Bonding
Organizer: MeToYou
Venue: Jurong East Sports Centre & Chinese Garden Park Connector
Activity: Cycling & Bonding Games

Cyber Wellness Learning Symposium @St. Hilda’s Secondary School

Come on down to help us out at our MeToYou booth to raise awareness for cyber wellness among St. Hilda’s secondary school students during their recess slots! There will be many other booths set up by different community partners so do come on down!


Spread the love! 

IMG_3365 edited

Spread your love to the people around you. Come join us in giving out flowers to the public this valentine!

Back-to-school cheer packs
IMG_2975 (2)

Join us in kicking start a new school year by making and/or distributing back-to-school cheer packs to your friends and schoolmates!