MeToYou Cyber Care is glad to announce that our signature camp themed “U.N.P.L.U.G.G.E.D.” is back again in this coming November school holidays! 🙂

We will be conducting two overnight camps – one for boys, the other for girls.

U.N.P.L.U.G.G.E.D. is an experiential learning camp that allows youth to embark on a journey of self- discovery & awareness of excessive online behaviours.

We believe, self- motivation is the key to success.

Together, participants will be able to build a strong community of support, develop respect and foster growth in the camp.

Objectives of Camps

  • Both camps strive to raise participants’ awareness on the importance of self-management in relation to their online habits:


Focus of Camps

  • Boys’ camp: Excessive gaming
  • Girls’ camp: Excessive hand phone usage


Brief Programme Outline


  U.N.P.L.U.G.G.E.D. (Boys) U.N.P.L.U.G.G.E.D. (Girls)
Day 1 Being IN!


Raise awareness on importance of self-management in relation to their online usage.


Phone ‘Matters’


Increase self-awareness on excessive hand phone usage on sense of self and relationship with others.

Day 2 Game ON!


Improve participants self-management skill.


Race OFF!


Reduce reliance on hand phone and have better time management of hand phone usage.


Day 3 We Can Do It!


Empower participants and reflect their capabilities in achieving task.


  *Assessment adapted to online gaming and

hand phone usage will be conducted based on

Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS).


Through the camp, participants will be exposed to various exciting and enriching activities that are designed to evoke individual awareness on their online usage pattern, and to explore their intrinsic strengths in helping them to cope with their online behaviours. Participants will also get to learn new coping strategies in a fun-filled manner through art and outdoor activities !

*We provide after-camp follow-up to the participants.

Drop us an email:, for more information/ to sign-up!! 🙂