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P.R.E.P  Parent Support Group (Pathological Internet Addiction, Reconnection, & Effective Parenting)

Does your child spend too much time playing console and/or computer games, or going online?
Do you know that not all gamers are addicted – many teens can play video games as well as balancing school activities, grades, friends and family obligations?
Do you know that gaming can also become an uncontrollable compulsion?”

If your children show signs of compulsive use of computer or video games, P.R.E.P. is for you. Here, you will find up-to-date information and resources that will help you assess whether gaming has gone from an entertaining pastime to a full-blown obsession. From signs and symptoms to advice for parents and treatment options, our P.R.E.P. group offers advice and solutions to help bring compulsive gamers back to real life.

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Testimonies from Parents’ Support Group participants:

It has been an enriching experience and learning from other parents as well as from all the social workers on the issues of cyber related matters. It is also helpful to gain insights and understand the various types of cyber games.

– Mdm K. 

The monthly sessions with other parents are very beneficial to me. I am currently trying to apply the knowledge that I have took away from the sessions. Such as being more patient, listen to my child and think more before reacting. Although communication with my child can still be challenging, I hope to see improvement along the way.

Through the sessions, we were sharing information on effective discipline and how we can apply it to our children. The staff at MeToYou Cyber Care have valuable information and were excellent listeners and encouraging to the parents who attended the sessions.

– Mdm. P

It has been a fruitful experience as we have learned various methods on how to cope with our son’s computer addiction. After the sharing by other parents, we realized that we are not alone and there are always help readily available from MeToYou Cyber Care and other parents alike.

– Mr & Mrs A