About Us

MeToYou Cyber Care is a cyber wellness agency founded by Montfort Care, with its programmes and services being targeted at youths aged 12 to 18.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of youths and their surrounding systems who are facing challenges associated with the cyber world.

Our Strategy

MeToYou employs a holistic approach in addressing cyber wellness through the delivery of theory-based programmes and services that have been developed using the developmental, preventive, and remedial framework.

History of MeToYou

MeToYou started out as an initiative by youth workers of Marine Parade Family Service Centre (MPFSC), the family service arm of Montfort Care, in December 2000. Back then it was an online counselling platform for youths, and was piloted in response to the then-trend of Internet being a novel approach of reaching out to the youths as that was where they were increasingly found.

With the Internet becoming part and parcel of every one’s life, and coupled with the increasing literature available and growing concerns over rising cyber-related issues for youths (Tai, 2014; Gentile et. al., 2011), MeToYou decided to reposition itself to be more relevant and supportive to the youths. Thus, in July 2014, MeToYou branched out from MPFSC to form a standalone agency, with its focus on cyber wellness.