Programmes & Services

The community education programme is a tie-up with community organizations such as schools whereby class-by-class workshops are held for students. Themes of the workshop revolve around cyber wellness and include ‘Balance usage of the Internet’ and ‘Cyber bullying’.

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MeToYou organizes a youth project on an annual basis for youths from all backgrounds to participate. Through the youth project, MeToYou seeks to a) empower youths to contribute back to the society; and b) incorporate positive usages of social media and the Internet.
‘I-Connect’ seeks to raise awareness of the high usage of technology these days. It has two components through it. One is through a youth ambassadorship stint whereby selected student leaders from St. Patrick’s School got their peers to reflect on coasters what they would do should there be no Internet. Using these coasters, our youth ambassadors formed the phrase, “CHANGE OR BE CHANGED”, and displayed the board in their school for a week. The second component of I-Connect, is to foster interaction between youths and the elderly, by getting the youths to interview both their peers and the elderly, so as to draw the distinction between past and present technology use.

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‘Vitamin Z, Youth Power’ is an online competition where youth will submit either a photograph or video that is related to what they can do to make a positive difference for the community. It comes with a social cause component – for each submission received, $50 worth of food ration was raised and donated to a low-income family served by Marine Parade Family Service Centre.


MeToYou currently provides monthly volunteering opportunities for youth to be engaged on a regular basis with meaningful activities. Through their volunteering experiences, we hope to guide them in their communication and time management skills, as well as nurture them to become future leaders and mentors among their peers. MeToYou engage youths on a regular basis.

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Group work is a method through which individuals in groups experience purposeful experiences through facilitated interactions via activities conducted by the group facilitator. Through these experiences, group members learn and grow, and are then able to cope more effectively with their issues. In line with MeToYou’s focus on cyber wellness, we regularly run group work pertaining to online gaming and social media – how the digital world has impacted us and what can we do about it – for our community partners such as schools as well as members of the public.

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Aside from group work, MeToYou also run camps for youths during their school holidays. Theme of the camps are similar to that of the group work.

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MeToYou consists of a team of trained social workers and counsellors to provide casework and counselling service to youths. Through casework and counselling, it is hoped that youths facing cyber-related issues and their families whom MeToYou serves can be empowered and equipped with additional skills, knowledge and resources to manage the challenges they face that are associated with the cyber world.

The outcome which we desire is thus to see that our youths are successfully integrated back into the family and/ or achieve a better fit with their environment with new resilient skills.

Recognizing the crucial role significant others of youths such as their parents, caregivers and family members have in the lives of youths, MeToYou organizes a monthly support group session for these people. Topic for discussion each month pertains to online gaming and parenting. The session also provides a platform for parents, caregivers and family members to ventilate and gather support from one another.

Date: Last Friday of each month
Venue: Blk 6 Marine Terrace
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm (light refreshment provided)